A simple guide to making a log bed

It’s pretty simple to make a log bed if you know the basics of woodworking. Wood log bed is the top choice of the people as it is natural and completely organic. People who want to use everything natural and organic can consider the wood to make a cozy and comfortable bed. You will only need some logs and tools to make the log bed. Making Rustic Bed is an enjoyable task if you have enough free time. On a long vacation or in the free time of a day, you can try making log bed for your home. You can face some difficulties at the first time while making the bed. When I had made a plan to make a log bed, I face many difficulties. I was quite confused about where to start from. That time, I had watched a lot of DIY projects on YouTube and it helped me a lot to get an idea where to start from.

The first thing you should do to make a log bed has arranged all type of tools which are necessary to make the log bed. After having all the necessary tools for making the log bed, you can start working. Here is a simple guide to making a wood log bed.

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1. At first, you will need to determine the size of the bed. You should consider many things while determining the size of the bed. The size of your room, the size of your mattress can be some determining factor of your log bed. The fun of making log bed by own is you can customize the size the way you want. You can draw a rough sketch of the bed before start working.

2. You will need some fine pieces of the log to make a bed. You can collect the log from anywhere. You can also buy the unprocessed wood log from the timber shop. After getting the log, you need to cut them on your desired pieces.

3. To cut and polish the wood and make a bed finally, you will need several woodworking tools which are available everywhere. The first thing you will need saws to cut the log in the different shape. You will also need tenon maker, draw knives, etc. for making a perfect log bed.

4. After cutting, you need to make different design and shape of the bed. Though most of the log bed have the most basic design, you can customize the design according to your choice. The design and shape you have chosen for your bed should be matched with the other interior of your home.

So, these are some simple thing to remember to make wood log bed for your home.